Monday, 3 March 2014

10 Pancake Toppings Ideas

Tomorrow is pancake day!! So I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite toppings that I like to put on mine^

1- Bacon, I love bacon and it's good with pretty much anything. Bacon with pancakes is a whole new experience, especially if the bacon is very crispy because of the softness of the pancake along with it.

2- Cheese & Tomato Ketchup, I don't like tomatoes so I substitute it with ketchup but that doesn't have to stop you.

3- Banana (or any other fruit), pancakes aren't that healthy for you when you eat 10 so add some fruit and then you don't have to worry about that.

4- Chocolate, you could have chocolate sauce or chocolate chips, you could even melt some chocolate in the pan until it is smooth then pour it over your pancakes.

5- Honey, my favourite because I mostly see pancakes as being a sweet dessert so honey is the first thing I ever think to put on mine

6- Butter, if you just want to keep it pretty simple.

7- Lemon Juice, it adds a nice zesty flavour if you prefer something with a sharper taste

8- Ice Cream, it's great with any dessert especially if it's warm and if it's a flavour of one of the above then even better!

9- Raisins, you can already get some pancakes with them in and if yours don't have them in then just put them on top

10- Maple Syrup, a classic topping for pancakes

Hope you all have a good pancake day~~

-Zin x