Saturday, 7 November 2015

Outfit Ideas Diary - Oversized Winter Sweater

Outfit Ideas Diary - Oversized Winter Sweater

Whenever I buy an item of clothing that is in trend I get so excited that I don't
think about what I would wear with it, so here is my solution! A deep red
oversized winter sweater is perfect for this winter and so I have put together a
few ideas on what to wear with it.

Firstly, the sweater doesn't have to be deep red. Just to set that straight. Okay,
back to the outfit.

Sweaters can look good on their own (by that I mean without an obvious shirt
underneath) but I think that a collared shirt is perfect for making an outfit
smasual (smart/casual). I also think that this theme is great for this time of year
when there are more formal occasions. I wouldn't wear this to a Christmas party,
mind you.

Not only would a collar be a formal twist on an oversized sweater but also a skirt.
There are two ways that you could possibly style a sweater with a skirt and that is;

  1. Tuck the front of the jumper into the skirt
  2. Leave it un-tucked
Finally, the jeans are here so we don't have to keep to the smasual look! I think
that lighter jeans, like the one in the image, are the best for a relaxed and laid
back outfit but black is what you would go for if you did want to be a bit smarter.

And for shoes.... there are two smarter choices in my pick but the red boots
don't have to be heeled but still of the same Timberland-style boots. Black heels
with this outfit would be the smartest choice and the black sneakers are the casual
and relaxed choice.

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your winter outfits!
- Zin