Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pick of the Month: Topshop Block Stripe Pocket Tee

Because spring is here, well in England I don't know if I can call it spring, the fashion of light colours and thin clothing is becoming more popular again. I have seen many of these tops in different shops, they're slightly cropped and have light colours on like this Topshop block stripe pocket tee.

I love how it's not following the trend of past years with cropped tops were they're really short and some had a weird design and I really disliked them and never even thought of buying one but I had seen this one and bought it immediately.

This one is a bit more cropped than others that I've seen, obviously to show a bit more stomach, and I personally feel as though this is more pretty than the previous styles of cropped tops. I really like this one because of the soft mint colour with the white which makes it look like a real spring fashion item.

This style usually goes well with skinny jeans that also have quite a pale colour also and will go with brown ankle boots so that the overall outfit will have a light colour ready for spring.

I hope you enjoyed~
- Zin x