Saturday, 8 March 2014


I'm posting this a bit later than I was going to because I have had no words for the mv since it came out. I'm just recovering. I prefer Come Back Home, both the mv and the song, rather than Happy which is why I am only doing this one. Just to let you know, I'm not going to do a full in depth review and look at each scene, I'm just going to be doing a review on what I thought of the mv and the song.

The first time I watched this I didn't understand what was happening, I knew there was a sad world with Dara and her boyfriend but then I didn't really know after that. So basically this 'virtual paradise' is like a get-away from the real world, which you can see doesn't look as bright or as happy and has loads of dull buildings. YG said that this was to show how people nowadays spend their time on the Internet and it's a bit like escaping the real worlds problems and actually living in the real world. I think it was a great idea to show it this way and add a futuristic theme to it as if this is what could happen in the future.

What I love is how 2NE1 are like the rebel group who oppose this virtual world, this part reminds me a bit of the Hunger Games books when Katniss and the other people part of the rebellion (sorry it's been a while since I read them) are hacking into the capital, only 2NE1 are stopping the promotions of this virtual world (CL stopping the advertisement of it)

I saw a lot of comments about the part where in the song the bass drops and it goes through the sequence thing (not sure what to call it) about how it wasn't that necessary or it was a bit weird especially when it repeats but I think that it brings your attention back to the song again and listen to the music. I also think that you couldn't really fit anything in with that part because it is quite dubstep-like and doesn't have singing other than 'come back home' and Dara's 'come baby baby'

I also really like how afterwards it still keeps you listening to the song but also has the story in and you see that Dara has joined them to go against the virtual paradise because her boyfriend has become a part of it. This is one of my favourite parts in the song because all the electronic sounds have been stripped off and CL's rap shows more of the feeling of the song as well as the futuristic theme.

Then it goes back to the story and shows memories of Dara and her boyfriend together and then the members going through with their plot to destroy the virtual paradise. I love the way it's got a positive atmosphere until CL, Minzy and Dara are doing what they need to be doing whilst Bom is distracting everyone in the virtual paradise and there's fire and smoke and food everywhere and it looks like a rebellion is happening and then all walk away from the scene as if it's just another day at work done (i'm getting a bit emotional over this right's so goooooodd) and then it repeats again through the dubstep sequence again bringing us back to the song again. Then the 4 of them are leading a crowd as if they have won and defeated the virtual paradise.

I'm not sure if they have defeated the virtual paradise because it seems as though they do because it looks like the panels are coming off the roofs of the buildings and then it zooms out again to the real world.
I suppose it could show that now they are back in the real world this is what they have to deal with?
I suppose it's open to your own interpretation which is always good and makes your think more about it than even films with resolved endings.

I don't know how many times I have watched the mv since it was released but I've been watching it at school and in lessons as well (good thing I haven't been caught yet).

When you're watching the mv, and mv's with more of a story line to it instead of something else which focuses on the song, you don't focus on the song, which is why I liked how the sequence when the dubstep part happened made you realise what was happening to the music.

When I actually listened to this for the first after watching the mv I noticed the reggae and off-beat style of the song to begin with, after the charm/music box sound, and I love how Minzy and CL's voices fit so well with the style.

The music changes a lot in the song but it isn't really noticeable because it flows into each of the different parts. I only noticed it when it was CL's rap part and it goes to just the guitar and the strings and then back to how it was when it began that the style changes a lot and quite frequently, I think this might be why I love it so much.

This is my first proper review so I hope it was good, if you think there's anything to improve on then please leave a comment (please be nice though, I will only delete your comment if not). Also if there is a mv or song or anything else you would like me to review then please tell me in the comments too. And if you want to as well then you can tell me your thoughts on the mv and the song ^^

Hope you enjoyed it
- Zin x